President: Anika Gupta


Email: anikag
Major: 3 and 15
Affiliation: None
Residence: Bexley
I absolutely love this campus and its people: the feeling that you will never be able to know everything about the place, the true diversity that goes beyond race or socio-economic status, its collaborative community feel, and the choice and opportunities we have here make me wish I could never leave. As your class president, I hope to share some of that passion with you guys this year through providing resources and breaks during the super stressful times. Outside of MIT, my favorite pastimes are hearing about people's lives and exploring the Boston area.

Vice President: Jean Xin


Email: yijing
Major: 9 and 15
Affiliation: Sigma Kappa
Residence: Sigma Kappa
Fun fact about me: I hate fun facts. After all, you can't encapsulate the breadth of a person in something like "I love coffee and chocolate," especially at MIT. The people here have inspired me, changed me, and amazed me. I've found friends that will stand by me through triumph and tears, and I would do the same for them. Moreover, I imagine the same is true for you. I'm here to facilitate that camaraderie, and to serve a class that has done so much for me.
On a personal level, I'm an ENTJ, quite driven, and always up for something fun and exciting. I tend to have a dozen things going on at once, opinions on nearly everything, and random first world problems. I absolutely love meeting new people, so please don't hesitate to say hi!

Secretary: Yi Wu

Yi Email: wuyi
Major: 6-3
Affiliation: Kappa Alpha Theta
Residence: Maseeh

Treasurer: Jonathan Chien


Email: jchien
Major: 6-2 and 20
Affiliation: Alpha Delta Phi
Residence: Alpha Delta Phi
I love MIT for the wealth of opportunities the campus, groups, and people afford to the students, and I look forward to making sure your Class Council provides some amazing ones while sticking to a budget as your class treasurer.
In my free time, I enjoy cooking and nomming on massive amounts of food, derping around, learning random facts and solving puzzles, and figuring out how I can pack as much stuff as possible into my schedule.

Co-Publicity Chair: Jesse Sharps


Email: jsharps
Major: 6-3
Affiliation: None
Residence: Bexley
I like to think of myself as hardworker, even though that hard work is sometimes in trying to avoid hardwork. However, my true plan is to drop out of MIT as soon as possible to become a hobo full time. Though I may have to make small sacrifices such as giving up eating on a regular basis, I've trained myself throughout college and I think I'm ready. Furthermore, I'll gain more time to pursue my passions, such as sleeping and more sleeping. Plus no rent, no utilities, and no hassle - sounds good to me!

Co-Publicity Chair: Nicole Power


Email: npower
Major: 6-7
Affiliation: None
Residence: Bexley

Co-Social Chair: Chyleigh Harmon


Email: chyleigh
Major: 5
Affiliation: Burton 3rd
Residence: Burton 5
i'm one the social chairs, a chemist and future doctor, and i want to cut people open for the rest of my life (for surgeries, obviously). i hate capital letters, i love bright colors and drink lots of water. i also serve as the co-chair of the Black Students' Union and am on the ski team. i enjoy music of all types and hanging our with my friends. derp all day, derp all night. te amo <3

Co-Social Chair: Kristen Wilhite


Email: kdionne
Major: 20
Affiliation: Burton 3rd
Residence: Burton 5
hello! i'm 1/2 of the class of 2014 social chair. i'm a biological engineer, and i want to make drugs (the good kind, of course) for the rest of my life. my plans after MIT include marrying harry styles or dillon francis or taco bell (or all of the above). derp all day, derp all night. je t'aime <3