The Hacking Scavenger Contest

There are a total of six hacks on the 2014 Brass Rat. Some of these hacks were formally presented at Ring Premiere, but the rest were left for students to discover through a contest. The first person to find them all and email the ring locations of those hacks to The 2014 Ring Committee received a gift certificate to dinner at the Top of the Hub. The winner was Tyler Hammer who found all the hack just a few hours after Premiere concluded. Congratulations Tyler! Below are photos and descriptions of the six hacks courtesy of The IHTFP Gallery. Thank you to all of you who participated!

Giant Spider Web


Every once in a while, MIT students decorate the inside of the little dome for Halloween. Sometimes they just weave a web and sometimes the spider has the name of an administrator whose actions the student body has found particularly distasteful in the recent months.

Spider Web
Upside-Down Lounge


For Campus Preview Weekend 2010, hackers installed a high-class lounge (complete with pool table, sleeping cat, whiskey, and hack plans) upside-down on the Media Lab Arch the morning of 4/8/10.

Upside-Down Lounge

Apple Logo in Memory of Steve Jobs


On October 6, 2011, hackers installed the apple logo on Maseeh's clock tower and hung the apple logo in lobby 7 in memory of Steve Jobs' death.

Apple Logo Hack
Alchemist's Internal Organs


On February 03, 2011, hackers hung internal organs inside the Alchemist statue outside of the student center. The Alchemist received a heart, lungs, a liver and intestines.

Alchemist Hack

Tenth Anniversary of 9/11


On September 11, 2011, hackers installed lights on the Green building and hung a flag on the pillars of Building 10 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

                                                             Flag Hack
Relay For Life


On March 9, 2011, hackers illuminated both lobby 7 and the big dome with purple lights and placed a purple ribbon above the entrance to 77 Mass. Ave. The lights honor Paint the Campus Purple week and the Relay for Life to fight cancer.

Relay For Life Hack